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Turkey 1/2


I didn' t plan to stay longer in Turkey. I decided to spend some time in Eastern Turkey because I had to leave Iran earlier than I wanted. In this case, my trip to Turkey was little crazy - I even had not any guide about this region ... All information I needed I had to acquire during travelling. It was useful also to have some memories from Turkey from my childhood - 15 years ago I lived in Turkey for more than 2 years.


Photos are presented in order of visiting praticular places.

Photos are presented on 2 separated websites:


1. Dogubayazit (Isak Pasha), Kars, Ani, Erzurum, Hassan Kalesi, Van, Hosap Kalesi

2. Akdamar, Kackar Mountains (Zillkale and Sumela), Black Sea, Ankara, Istanbul



Dogubayazit (Isak Pasha)





Kars Kalesi fortress





Kurdish camp




Ani - one of former old Armenian capitals (961-1045)


Here You are not allowed to take photos (military area) - the results of respecting this ban by me You can see below ... :)












Hassan Kalesi castle




Van fortress





Hosap Kalesi fortress