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Welcome on website about trip around Middle East countries in

summer of 2003. My name is Bartosz and I am from Poland.


This is the story:


Start in Warsaw, Poland. Then by trains to Moscow. Next by

plane to Yerevan in Armenia.

Then Nagorno Karabagh with Armenian guys I met on

internet before. Next few weeks in Armenia.


Next by bus to Iran. Then by bus to Eastern Turkey.

Next Ankara, Istanbul and through Bulgaria, Romania

and Ukraine to Poland.


This is it ... enjoy!


             If You have any questions - do not hesitate and

             e-mail me. I can help you with useful information

             about transportation, prices etc: contact


A short story from Karabagh You can also read at website (belonged to producers

of Globe Trekker, Pilot Guides and Planet Food TV programs).

Here you can read an article about the photoexhibition in 

London, where my photos from this site took the first prize.