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The fastest and relatively cheap way to get to Caucasus is they way through Moscow. Travelling by trains to Moscow and by plane from Moscow to Yerevan I reached Armenia after about 48 hours of travelling from Warsaw (including all day in Moscow) and for about 160 USD.




Having several hours for walking in Moscow I obligatory visited Kremlin, which is - considering being Polish citizen - a very special place. Polish troops occupied Kremlin for 2 years - between 1610 and 1612. After victorius battle of Kluszyn, 4th July of 1610 (called by historians as a 'Grunwald' of the East), Polish troops seized Moscow. We ruled the city for 2 years. This brilliant victory was not used properly by our political leaders of this time ... Alone Polish crew of Kremlin were under siege for 2 years ...


They had to surrender according to terrible starvation - in the end of the siege they even disintered a dead bodies to eat them ... They surrendered on 7th of November 1612. This day is now celebrated in Russia as a liberation from Polish occupation and it is a national holiday (it replaced former most important state holiday - the day of revolution ...)


Kreml & vicinity




Polish catholic church in Moscow



State University of Moscow