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After Armenia I decided to visit Iran. However I made a serious mistake just in the beginning of my trip - I did not apply for Iranian visa in Poland and decided to do it in Armenia. In Poland obtaining visa is easy - You have to pay about 100 USD and wait about 3-4 weeks. In Armenia this procedure is much more difficult ...


To obtain Iranian visa in Armenia You need official invitation from Iran. This invitation can be prepared by one of tourist agencies in Armenia. Tatev Agency will do all procedure for You for "only" 160 USD. Iranian Agency Blue Mosque is the kind of visa "champion" - procedure to obtain Iranian visa there costs 250 USD.

Moreover You have to wait for decision about a week.


In this situation I decided to apply for transtit visa in Blue Mosque Agency. They told me that there could be possibility to extend this visa in Iran. And it was not true! Iranian consular regulations had been changed before and there were not any possibilities to extend transit visas any more at all. 


In this situation my trip to Iran was not as long as I wanted.


So, I have to come back there in the future, because Iran is the great, beautiful and magic country. And Iranian people are one of the most hearty and the nicest people I have ever met ...









Azadi Monument         With Persian friends in the gardens of Niavaran palace



Esfahan - the half of the world, as Iranians used to say








This picture is a gift I received form one of famous Persian artists, Mohsen Hosseiny, his photo is even in Lonely Planet guide (ed. 2001), :)



Somewhere on the road ...