I don't speak Japanese, but these two websites show us how did all that madness start (well, Kisekae Set System started in Japan in 1991 or 1992). It's a piece of history, that's why I decided to add these two pages.

World KiSS Project
World KiSS Project is a group of Japanese pioneers who first created and popularised KiSS.

EMK's page
Emk's page with a rich collection of KiSS tools and viewers.

Majority of the KiSS related websites is in English. There's plenty of them, 90 % being just type of "me, my photos, my KiSS dolls and (optionally) my other art" personal websites. I didn't add these here. I only linked to doll libraries (including KiSS dolls made by more than one person) or text pages including some interesting and original thoughts or facts about KiSS to read.

Big KiSS Page of the Otakuworld
The Big KiSS Page is really big (hence the name). Maintained by Dov Sherman, it was the first website to popularize KiSS in the western, English-languaged world. Almost every doll made in that part of world ended up there. No one (save Dov himself) knows for sure how many dolls are there, they stopped to count at 4500. Unfortunately, the page fell victim to its own succes. It couldn't be mantained anymore by advertisement, so in 2001 it became a pay site. Still you can download all the viewers, tools and tutorials for free (only the dolls themselves are payable). You can also get free access by submitting there dolls made by yourself.

KiSS Café
It is a dark time for the Rebellion... I mean for the KiSS community. Stripped of a free gathering and exchanging place like the Big KiSS Page, all that was left were small personal sites, including dolls of only one author. From one extremity to opposite one. It's not the way, Eph said, we should try something between. Middle-sized doll libraries should be fine. The KiSS Café is such a site. Apart of dolls free to download (as of writing it, there are 324 of them) you will find there tutorials, templates and a KiSS forum.

Silent Angel's Small KiSS Page
(to be described)

Free KiSS World
Quite a collection of KiSS dolls.

The KiSS Club of the DeviantArt
DeviantArt.com is a server where everyone can show his art (be it amateur or professional) to the world. I noticed that many KiSS artist end up there. One day a Nif had an idea to show there KiSS dolls. And so the KiSS Club of the DeviantArt was founded. Includes some KiSS dolls and templates to download (they are in Gallery, in case you couldn't find them). You can upload your own KiSSes there too, if you have a DeviantArt account - just contact Nif (did I mention she's Polish, like me?).

Another KiSS Club of DeviantArt :)
A website based upon the very same idea as previous one, and placed on the same server. Don't ask me why are they separated, I have no idea.

KiSS Theme Challenges (at their new address)
It's just a KiSS contest. Each three months there is a theme given, and everyone who wants to participate, has to create a KiSS set reffering to that theme. On that website you can also download all the KiSS sets submitted for all the previous editions of the contest.

Kawaiiness is everywhere
It's a small dolls library by Anna Chatsky. It includes fifteen random dolls, changed every month. She also added her all (two :) dolls.

KiSS them for me
A collection of KiSS dolls in goth style. Originally issued on a CD, to be distributed on C7, an annual gathering of this style fans, to popularize KiSS amongst them. Now it's available as a website.

Left of center
A personal webpage of Emby Quinn. You've surely heard about her, haven't you? Many people call her the KiSS queen or KiSS goddess, many others defy her to be one (with Emby herself defying it in first place, and truly yours in second one). No matter the opinion about her, the fact is that half of all the KiSS dolls in the world is made by her, the other half is made with her templates, and the third half is influenced by her style. What can you find on her website? Well, some interesting facts about Emby herself (did you know her real name is M. L. O'Quinn? Or that she's a Canadian?), gospel according to kiseake (which is basically a history of KiSS), some tips about making KiSS dolls, some ranting on various subjects (I'll probably rant the same when I'll be in the same age :) , short tutorial and such. Unfortunalely, due to technical reasons, Emby's own KiSS dolls are not available there for download, until told otherwise.

KiSS section of Sailor Moon Games Archive
For those who didn't watch Sailor Moon, it was a story of five superhero girls (whom no one knew to be ones - just like Clark Kent, not known to be famous Superman). They were so popular and famous, so (in the fictional world of that TV series) there was even a video game about them (which they played in several episodes). Now, in the real world, group of fans tried to recreate the actual game as close to what was seen in TV as possible. What started as a website dedicated to that project, later became an Internet archive of all Sailor Moon fan-made games. Amongst them, there is a library of Sailor Moon KiSS dolls, probably all ones the author could have put his hands on, and posted wildly without asking for permission (how do I know that? My own Sailor Mercury KiSS is on position #114. No one asked me).

But if we'll excuse the authors for that, we'll have to admit it's a good website. There is a short, yet informative introducion for those who never heard about KiSS. Every doll is credited properly and has a preview picture. And there's 220 of them (it's no wonder - for an unknown reason, Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion are two most often "KiSSed" anime series). So, despite their lack of respect for copyrights, I can recommend their website.

Kisekae Kid
Website of Kim, a KiSS artist. You can find there her sets, her templates and list of her favorite KiSS authors (I wonder why didn't she include herself on the list). I love the way she distinguishes anatomically-correct dolls (with an icon of Venus' Birth painting), because I think it expresses in a good way the innocent character of KiSS nudity. And yes, I know I was supposed to not link to personal websites, but I owe it Kim because: 1) she started in 1998 and is still active and 2) she links to me :)

Animemoon's BSSM Website
This site is all about Sailor Moon TV series. You can find there profiles of characters, course of drawing them, games, quizes, pictures related to Sailor Moon and - what interest us the most - few KiSS sets. By the way background of that page is very similar to the original one of the KiSS Embassy :)

Mars' Page
Mars' page with a rich collection of KiSS tools and tutorials allowing you to create your own KiSS set.

Assuming you already know how to make a KiSS set - this page is very helpful in doing so. You will find there templates of dolls, patterns for patterned fabric, pieces of FKiSS code and many more things which you can incorporate into your new better KiSS set.

Page of Play F KiSS
Homepage of the most popular and most advanced KiSS viewer.

International KiSS Guild
This is a website of informal guild of KiSS makers. The goal of this guild is mostly to help KiSSers in protecting each other's copyrights. And this is the subject of this page - copyrights issues.

Small, yet interesting place. It describes the early history of kisekae (since its invention in 1992) and shows a representative selection of dolls from various periods.

Invisible KiSS Links
Just a listing of all KiSS webpages that exist, existed or will exist - and even few more :)

Below we have two doll libraries in form of FTPs, instead of regular websites. What is FTP? Someone less familiarized with Net might not know, so I will explain. It stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a kind of "language" which makes it possible to send files directly from one computer to another (usually from server to your personal computer). It's used sometimes for distributing a large amount of files, like programs - or, in our case, large libraries of KiSS doll. How it works? If your computer is configured right, after clicking on these links you should see a folder similar to ones on your computer. You can copy files from there, just by dragging them on your desktop (in each folder there usually is a text file. You should download it first, as it includes description of the other files). FTP is also used "the other way" - to send files from your computer to the server, for example when you upload there new website, made by you. To make it available to the world, you need to transfer it from your personal computer to some server. But I'm saying it just by the way.

There's no website, just files, so there's nothing to describe (I could describe dolls themselves, but I have no time to see them all).

Same as above.

There aren't that many KiSS sites in Polish, since KiSS itself isn't very popular in Poland. Most of them are just doll libraries or personal websites. Unlike in English section, the rules were less restrictive, and I added these too. Just anything I could have found in Polish in the Net about KiSS. Hopefully it will make kisekae more popular in Poland.

MS Studio
MS Studio - the biggest and the best Polish KiSS-related page. You'll find there everything you need: dolls, viewers, tools, even some little known facts about KiSS' homeland - Japan.

Once upon a time there were three young brave girls... No, that's not opening credits of Charlie's Angels, I'm talking about Adela, Monika and Ola (hence the name - AMO), who one day felt a stroke of creativity and put together this page. It deals with various subjects - short poems, desktop wallpapers, icons, chatroom - but as always, we are interested the most in KiSS section. It's a small collection of KiSS dolls from world's most famous authors. There was also an idea of creating Polish KiSSes section, but apparently no one aplied (what a pity I was exiled from the KiSS community back then... I'm off for five minutes and there's not a single Polish KiSS author...).

Nif's Den
Nif, or Anna Caroline Clara, draws, writes stories and plays with dollz (whatever would that be - could someone please explain me what's the point with these little-little dolls?? You can't neither dress them up nor anything...). Nif starts to create KiSS dolls too, judging by the quality of her dollz, soon we will have some really good KiSS in "Made in Poland" section.

Fallen Angel: Kisekae Town
Nothing really special, just a small doll library. The menu is half in Polish, half in English, all the other texts on the website are in Polish (I wonder why Polish languaged site has an English name...). Not to be mistaken with Topleka's website of the same name.

Just KiSS
In my opinion it's a very interesting webpage. Hostess, a miss Hyde, roams in the Net looking for new (though not only) KiSS sets. Has she found anything interesting, she describes it, together with a picture and a link where can it be downloaded. It's a bit weird that it's joined with a traditional blog, so some entries deal with KiSS, while the other ones - with private life of the hostess. Fortunately there is a filter to show only KiSS-related entries (link from here is already configured in this way, if you wish to read the rest of that website, you should come back to main page while being already there).

some suxxy KiSS website
Don't go there if you don't really have to. If you do, because you don't have too many KiSS dolls - go there only once, download all the dolls and never be back. Creating this website probably took the author (hiding behind Corneliah nick) less time that it took me to see it all (even without downloading). What's wrong? Everything! Some KiSS sets are labeled as by un known (!) authors (even if the authors are clearly stated in the documentation - but who'd read it anyway, right?), what's more some properly marked dolls are labeled wrong. Dolls added during the last update can't be downloaded at all. All dolls are "described" - but if you expected long, KiSS Embassy-styled descriptions, well... any of them hardly exceeds ten words. They usually go like "this set is good" or "this set is bad" and they either do or do not correspond with ratings of the set (from one to five stars. Note: one of most important criteria is whether the doll has snap-to or not). But maybe it's good they are so short - in all longer texts it becomes obvious that the author can't properly use the Enter key (with my settings, every second line is broken halfway). All the other sections (apart of doll library) don't load (error 4o4). The whole page, due to limited account space, is split between two accounts (kissworld and kissworld2) which is a serious violation of Interia free account server rules. No e-mail address to webmaster. No meta tags (no Internet finder "sees" this page, that's why it came so long unnoticed by the KiSS Embassy). They didn't even took the effort to name this... thing (that's right, nowhere on the site is its title).

Why is oldman Mimi so p*ssed off? Well, the page is suxxy, that's right. That's not the point, many pages are (the original KiSS Embassy version 1.0 was suxxy too at its beginning in year 2000, I's even say that is was suxxy2). The point is that it tries to win a voting for the best anime website. How on Earth? That's pretty simple: when you open the doll library, the page won't let you in until you vote on it as on the best page. That's not fair, I wondered about reporting it to the voting host, but I gave it up. You're more fortunate, your one and only Mimi B. linked directly to the dolls library, so you don't have to vote. And to be honest - if you even entered through the "main door", there's not much more to see apart of the library. Go, download everything and never be back (the page haven't been updated in three years).

There are also KiSS websites in many other languages (including Korean, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish and probably more). I haven't linked to them. It's hard to recommend a website if you don't understand a single word on it. So if you're looking for a website neither in English nor in Japanese nor in Polish - I'm sorry to say you're on your own. Good starting point are Invisible KiSS Links (in Links to sites in English).


MS Studio
MS Studio - the biggest and the best Polish KiSS-related page. You'll find there everything you need: dolls, viewers, tools, even some little known facts about KiSS' homeland - Japan.


Maxiol Studio
As far as I can figure out Pyccknn (Russian), this website is about Sailor Moon. But it also includes a KiSS section, which - to more confusion - hosts not only Sailor Moon-related KiSSes (the link points directly to that section). The dolls are described in English (it's just their readme files pasted there), which looks weird surrounded by Cyryllic letters.

Bienvenue sur Angel Soul!!
A small website with themed KiSSes - they all iclude characters with angel wings. The webmaster must have been an underestimated genius, a mortal commoner wouldn't come up with white letters on white background :) You have to highlight the whole text (as if you were copying it) to see anything. "Télécharger" is French for "download".

Mision Anime
A website in (I think) Spanish, about anime. Includes KiSS section, when on the first page we are greeted by a KiSS from Poland, made by Marta :) Apart of that - one hundred and seventy seven other dolls to download.

If you have a webpage and you would like to use a link to KiSS Embassy - please click here.

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