For Agnieszka S. aka Sadako, who made me to write it

Learn to make your own
KiSS dolls in a Russian week!

(KiSS Embassy edition)
© Copyright by Mimi Billewicz MMVII-MMX

Hello, newcomer. This website is a place where you will (hopefully) learn how to make your own KiSS dolls (if you came there by accident - you may still start the course; on the first session I will shortly explain what is KiSS). This is a basic course, for those who have never made a KiSS doll before (an advanced course will be ready soon). Apart of the actual course, there are also links to template pages, where you may download some basedolls to work with (it will be further explained in Lesson Three).

|Day One: Introduction|
|Day One: Introduction|
|Day Two: Getting started|
|Day Three: Basedoll|
|Day Four: Shading|
|Day Five: Clothes|
|Day Six: Conversion to KiSS format|
|Day Seven: Writing the configuration file|
|Day Eight: French KiSS (basics)|
|Day Nine: Preparation to release|
|Day Ten: Seven simple good advices|
|Day Eleven: The graduation day|

Our course is completely sponsored by the KiSS Embassy, the best Polish KiSS website.


Here are some places where from you may download some KiSS templates:

Snipits - a lot of templates, from various artist, sorted by theme (men / women / children / animals) at;

KiSS CafÚ - today it's the center of the KiSS world. Everyone submit their templates there. It's at;

Simple templates, made by Emby Quinn, at;

A few great templates, made by Kisekae Kid, at;

and a few not so great :) templates, made by Mimi B., at

I guess that's all. Of course, you may look for more, on your own.

Learn to make your own
KiSS dolls in a Russian week!
(KiSS Embassy edition)
|Wersja polska|