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You have just entered a website dedicated to Kisekae Set System software (shortly: KiSS). It's a doll changing program. If that's what you've been looking for - you may enter the site, by choosing interface below.

This website is not about:
a) oral osculation act (coloquially - kissing);
b) rock group KISS;
c) Knights in Satan's Service;
d)Keep it Simple, Stupid rule;
e)Komputer i Sprawy Szkoly (Computer and school issues) association;
f) Korean Knowledge Information Service;
g) German sculptor August Kiss (1802-1865);
h) a town in Bavaria named Kissing;
i) Kiss, famous black and white photograph by Tanya Chalkin (on right).
j) political party Kodeks Karny i Sprawiedliwosc ("Criminal Law and Justice")
If you came here looking for informations about any of subjects mentioned above - there's nothing to see here, move along :)

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Use no frame version. Some smartguy of www.of.pl covered the interface completely with advertisements, making it unuasble. I need some time to figure it out how to bypass it.

Frames interface is more convenient and clear, but it works only on some computers (the most standard ones, fitted with Internet Explorer). Users of other browsers are adviced to use simplified no frames interface (content of the page is the same, only the interface will be different).

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