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Armenia 1/3


All July of 2003 I spent on traineeship in Yerevan, in Armenia. Presented photos show 1- and 2-day (as sometimes I simply stuck somewhere in the country) trips outside Yerevan. Armenia is not very big place so such trips, if well prepared, are enough to see this beautiful country. A little difficulty is not well developed transport and road infrastructure - sometimes it makes trip much more longer than You expect.


Presented photos were taken by me and my Armenian friends.


Photos are presented on 3 separated websites:


1. Khor Virap, Noravank, Garni, Geghard, Echmiadzin, Sewan

2. Tatev, Aragats, Amberd, Smbataberd, Dashtadem, Lori Berd

3. Haghartsin, Aghjakhalaberd, Hoyravank, Areni, Kakavaberd vicinity, Gymuri,

    On the road ...





Khor Virap (16th century)




Noravank (12-14th century)







Garni (1st century)





Geghard (first constructions in 4th century, main cathedral from 1215)





Echmiadzin (4th century)





Sevan Lake